About Us

About Us

Hello Students,

Welcome to Exams’ Wrestlers. It is our pleasure, you want to know About Us “Exams’ Wrestlers”, but before it is a small message for all the students.

Career is very important in everyone’s life. It is your identity. It is just a single thing which allows you to prove yourself.

After completing education each one wants to do either a business or a job to settle his or her life. Select government sectors for doing a job. This decision looks pretty good but gets a job in government sectors it is not a piece of cake. We know very well that these days competition became very tough and dynamic; it is a very tough task to get a government job, before making any assumption about competition exam just explore the answers of these questions.

Is it tough to crack the competition exam or do we make it tough?

We found many students the cause of

  • They have little knowledge of the requirement of exams.
  • Wrong affords and approach.
  • Overconfidence and lack of confidence.
  • Little of knowledge about competition Exams, study materials, Syllabus, and demand for exams.
  • No time management.
  • No decorative personality.

These are some points which are responsible for anyone failure. If you want to get success and want to get a government job then you must know these points also.

Why are competition exams conducted?

First, we must understand the approach after conducting competition exams, because if you understand the game then success ratios are more. India Top Most Branded Institutions such as UPSC, SSC, IBPS, SBI and States PSC have a responsibility to deliver decorated and smart personnel to government systems and government systems want smart and decorated officers in order to full fill this responsibility these institutes conduct competition exams.

These Institutions know the getting good per-cent and top ranks at academic career are not a big deal, good marks and ranks are not the symbols of smartness. In India, there are many boards and universities with different studies norms, so it is a tough job to select smart candidates for government sectors. Equal Opportunity for everyone (Indian Constitution Article no 16(1) & 16(2)) also the great norms which give guaranties for each Indian to get equal opportunity in government system (*condition apply read article 16(1) & 16(2) in detail). So without making any difference which is based on studies and percentage these institutes conduct common competition exams for all equally qualified students.

To check student smartness, calculative mind, knowledge, decision making power, presence of mind, language skill, communication skill, observation power, soft skill, behaviour approach, motivation skill, time management, work management, leadership quality and IT skill, problems solving skill and all institutes design an exam mechanism which can test all the ability of a candidate. So if you think it is just an exam so it is not just an exam it is all over tester of a personality.

How Can I crack the exam?

To crack an exam not too tough but you have to understand the game of examiner. Think if you are an examiner and you have these responsibilities so what is your first step …?

It is a game rule if you want to beat someone then think like him so think like an examiner. What you can do along with study for passing the exam. You have to make changes in your personality. Passing a competition exam is just like a game and you have played with sport man sprite and follow game theory. You have to study hard and use your potential to design your personality which makes you professional either before getting or after getting a government job. You just keep one thing in your mind “Government job needs a personality” and you have to prove that you have it, cultivate your habit of reading and learning that help you and it makes your mind sharp and balanced and be skilled in communication.

But there are some hidden questions in your mind?

Such as………………..

  • Who can tell me about these changes?
  • What is game theory?
  • Where I can get a simple solution to complicated problems?
  • Where I can learn time management, communication skill, and behaviour approach?

All the questions, but the answer is just one www.examswrestlers.com   

Now it is time to tell you about something about us.

Why we made Exams’ Wrestlers?

While writing this short message we want to tell you why we made Exams’ wrestlers. We are the team of some devoted and decorated teachers who have been teaching many coaching classes and have given many selections. There are many tips and tricks, if you use in competition exams then you will be definitely selected. Our unique teaching method of teaching based on many important theories such as game theory and time management extra. We believe empower students to ignite their potential. We have a long experience to design professional personnel and it is the right time to share our experience with all the students and tell them the ways where they can find assure success.

Exams’ Wrestlers is the only website which has a unique and crystal clear teaching method and has an experienced team. We always focus on the requirements of exams and deliver designed materials. We know the value of time as well as precise efforts which go in vain when you do not get expected results.

What is the value of a government job?

Exams’ Wrestlers is a platform for all the students who want to do practice according to exams. At present when it is really hard to find a good coaching class and good study materials and find the right guidance.  Many times we find that after a long preparation a student still not able to crack the exam.  We know that the government needs some decorating officer to full fill the requirement of the system. We always focus on the main aims of exams and provide you with the right guidance.


Not going too long just say best of luck for your future and enjoy practice…..

I hope, You have got enough information About us. If you still have any question then you can mail us. Our Email address:- info.examswrestlers@gmail.com

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Thank you

Team Exams’ wrestlers